House Inspections

Today I inspected a house in Grand Island that had the same home owners for 42 Years. I don't see this much any more in our mobile society. I also inspected a house in rural Clarks NE. This house was built in 1910. It had been totally updated with new electrical and plumbing. All the original plaster had been removed and replaced with sheet rock. Both these home were in good condition. 


It is the time of the year to

It is the time of the year to start thinking and doing the things that need to be done before "Old Man Winter Comes". One thing I learned the hard way was to make sure the vacuum breaker for the sprinkler system is drained. It you don't it will freeze and break and that will cost about $100.00 to replace. Another thing that should be done is to spray the yard for weeds. A lot of weeds like dandelions start growing in the fall so they will be ready to take over in the spring when snow leaves. It is a lot easier to kill them in the fall when are just seedlings.